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Frequent asked questions for the User

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  • Lower capital exposure. Less external financing. Lower risk.
  • Flexibility. No life commitment. Possibility of extending the term according to you needs.
  • Adapted investment to the real needs of use of the property.
  • Lower costs of formalization. No mortgage costs.
  • Assimilation of the right to an absolute title by registration in the Land Registry
  • Greater assimilation to an Ownership Title.
  • Lower price than a normal lease (30% average cheaper than a lease).
  • Uninterrupted possession for the user during the agreed term.
  • Greater possibility of agreements with the owner regarding reforms, furniture, and sublease (*) of the property.
  • Only damaged deposit is given, there is no need to deposit additional guarantee to the deposit.

(*) Unless otherwise agreed.

Yes, you can, with the owner’s prior consent. As the price is paid in advance, the owner has more security and will normally be more prone to admit non-structural changes.

Yes, unless otherwise agreed.

The duration is set in the contract between the owner and the “User”.

The terms of the Using are characterized by being of long term. They can vary between 3 and 35 years’ term. Being the most common are between 5 and 10 years’ term.

For the usufructuary of the leasehold: In addition to the Damage Deposit, he supports the expenses of formalization: Stamp Duty (ITP) + Notary and Registry fees.

The use of a property is not wealth for the purposes of Wealth or Income Tax, so it does not generate imputation of income or additional charge for Income Tax.

The rights and obligations of the parties about supplies, Community Owners and the Property Tax (IBI) shall be agreed by the parties.

Only personal financing can be accessed. To date the banks do not admit mortgaging the use of the property.

In Leaseholds the usufruct right is recorded at the Land Registry, which guarantees its peaceful enjoyment.

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