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Frequent asked questions for cede your property

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  • The Landlord obtains all rent payments upfront when signing the contract.
  • The Landlord can forget about costs and managing the property for the term of the leasehold.

Very simple: Owners who wish to cede the use of their property (Residential Leasehold) will make contact with our sales team and we will give visibility to the properties by creating a new and exclusive channel for the sale of properties, attracting clients who wish to acquire a property by a period of time.

On our web page, we invite you to see our video tutorial and calculate the price of your property with the interactive calculator in the section “Sell Using”.

The duration is set in the contract between the owner and the “User”.

The terms of the Using are characterized by being of long term. They can vary between 3 and 35 years’ term. Being the most common are between 5 and 10 years’ term.

For the Owner: The brokerage fees. 5% + VAT.

The owners must pay the Income Tax, in the same way that they pay it when they make a traditional lease contract. The law also allows the amount received to be “fractioned” during the term of the contract, so that it is declared the corresponding fraction each year, and not everything at once.

The rights and obligations about supplies, Community of Owners and the property Tax (IBI) will be agreed by the parties.

Using Homes welcomes you and invites you to get in touch with our team of qualified professionals who will advise you on the conditions.

Please feel free to request the Owner’s Manual and a copy of the Mandate Agreement. Using Homes undertakes to expose your property in the market. The owner must provide with the appropriate multimedia material, as well as give us the keys to the house if it is necessary.