Using Homes

Cede your property

Obtain liquidity in advance (equity release)

Avoid supporting the running costs of the property

Avoid rental problems (Management, Rent Collection, Vacancy, etc)

Income without selling the property

Cover possible damages with a sufficient deposit

Recover the property at the end of the leasehold

Enjoy all the legal guarantees

For the owner who cedes his property for a term of years in absolute possession or Using, this contract offers the possibility of obtaining the rent fully in advance, avoiding the maintenance costs inherent to the property, and, at the same time, retaining the ownership and recovering the possession after the term of years agreed under the “Using Contract”. Everything with the same guarantees as owner and lessor under the existing Law (Compliance with deadline, caution, etc.).

As already mentioned in the section on What is Using? a Residential Leasehold or Using is the temporary possession of a residential property, a term of years in absolute possession (a right of usufruct), with upfront payment. The total value of the leasehold is set depending on the term of the contract and the owner will obtain the full rent at the beginning of the contract, forgetting about problems until the end of the Leasehold.


The value of the use is estimated by agreement between the parties considering the conditions of the real estate market, the term of the lease and the type of property. The price is paid in full upon signing the contract.


Temporary usufruct or leasehold between 3 and 35 years term, in full possession, granted by public deed and recorded at the Land Registry.

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